Raw Material


Manufacturing Process

  1. Material Like Saw Dust, Ground Nut Shells, Castor Seed Shells And All Another Raw Material Up To 25mm Size Are Supplied To The Screw Conveyor.
  2. When More Then One Material Is Used, Make Sure That They Are Mixed In Suitable Proportion.
  3. Materials With Higher Moisture Content I.e. More Then 10-12% Needs To Be Dried In Sunlight.
  4. Material From Conveyor Is Discharged With The Help Of Conveyor, Veram And Gear.
  5. Material In The Feeder Box Is Compressed By The Press, Forcing It Through Tapper Die (ram Punch) Fitted In The Die Holder.
  6. The Compression Raises The Temperature Of Material Which Results In Softening Of The Lignin, Inherent In Every Biomass. This Lignin Comes To The Surface And Binds The Materials Together.
  7. Briquettes Formed Are In The Shape Of Logs Which Are Pushed Through Cooling Tracks Under Slight Pressure For Cooling And Transport Storage Point.
  8. Cooled Briquettes Are Broken & Packed In Bags Or Stored In Bulk For Dispatch.