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  1. Size: 90mm

  2. Length: 50mm-200mm

  3. Color: Dark Brown

  4. Packed In: HDPE Bags

  5. Weight of Bag: 20-25kgs

As biomass briquettes are produced from waste material, such as hardwood, sawdust, corn straw or other biomass feedstock, which makes briquettes sustainable clean energy as substitute of conventional fossil fuel: coal, oil suchlike. In addition, using wood briquettes or biomass briquettes as fuel will not cause pollution at all, meaning that briquettes are sort of preferred solid fuel by countries who have strict demands for environmental protection. When it comes to combustion, biomass briquettes have a longer burning life because of their compactness.

Industrial Use of Briquettes

Usually briquettes are known as White Coal in many industries like

  1. Brick Kilns
  2. Chemical Plants Food Processing Units
  3. Dryer and Ovens For Generation Of Hot Air.
  4. Paper Mills
  5. Spinning Mills
  6. Solvent Extraction Plants
  7. Milk Plant & Dairy
  8. Laminate Industry
  9. Bakery Industry
  10. Ceramic Units
  11. Vegetables Plant
  12. Leather Industry
  13. Dyeing House
  14. Textile Mills
  15. Rubber Industry
  16. Process Houses And Many Other Commercial And
    Domestic Uses. And Now In Bio Electric Power
    Plants & Distilleries.


  • Convenient to utilise

    Due to high density and compact structure, the Biomass bri- quettes are very convenient to utilise when compared to utilising the raw materials such as sawdust, crop straw, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, peanut shell etc., directly for burning

  • Clean

    Heating with Briquettes produces very little ash and they are not messy like firewood can be. Briquettes burn cleanly and emit lowest amount of pollutants and will have a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

  • Odourless

    The Biomass Briquette contains minimum evaporative substances thus eliminating the possibility of odour.

  • Longer burning hours

    Biomass Briquettes deliver two times longer burning hours compared to hardwood burning